New Year, Make it a custom one.

Last year was so very busy and custom was the key. One of a kind recycled and made just for you. A simple photo will do. If you’re interested in a custom ornament, leash holder, memorial or perhaps something entirely different, let’s work together to make it happen.NenoandSophie3

Custom is the thing

After completing over 100 custom dog orders in the last two months, it’s become my main focus. After all it’s a little piece of original art that complements are favorite fur babies.BellaandHarley

Holiday Reindeer

It’s been so busy this season, and I’m long overdue to update my homepage. It seems appropriate to show off my new reindeer, made from Karate boards, holiday picks, feathers, leather and bottle caps. Available for the holiday season in my Etsy shop.reindeer6

Treat jars/leash holders

These smaller treat jars/leash holders can make the perfect holiday gift.  Each one is hand made and unique in it’s own sense.  Colors, ribbons and names can be customized for your convenience.treatjar136 treatjar134.

Creating with natural material.

So I have a lot of trees!  One of the ideas I’ve had is to slice them like baloney and create product and art.  In this case, a bottle opener.  But my plan is to expand this into  robe and coat hooks, as well as just visual wall art.  It’s a ton of fun and everyone is just a bit different from the last.opener1

Expanding my line of hooks and holders

Thinking the summer was going to be slow was a mistake, a happy one for sure, but one that has slowed my posting new things.  Here’s a new line that I’ve started and so far it’s been very well received.  This style holder can be used for just about anything.  The hooks are heavy duty and so are the mounting brackets on the back.  Coats, towels bags all will hang nicely with no worries of falling.  Each piece can also be custom colored to match your personal style.fishholder1 fishhook12

Dog Treat and Leash Holders

New dog and treat holders are here.  Check out my Etsy shop to see what’s available to ship right now.  I can also customize them for your special pet.  Each holder measures approximately 12″ x 6″ and has two heavy duty key hooks on the back to hold it in place.schnauzersnack

Key chains!

New and fun key chains of your favorite dogs are coming.  Right now I have 4 different breeds available in a variety of colors.chains


They can be found in my Etsy store, come check it out.